11th September 2015

“Keep your bussiness data safe from the unexpected with AVG CloudCare Online Backups. CloudCare Online Backup runs quietly in the background, scheduled to your requirements and provide total piece of mind against all data loss. Quickly restore single files or entire directories from the simple to use web based interface. Making deleted, lost and corrupted data is no longer a worry”

AVG Why Complicate

What is AVG CloudCare Online Backup?

AVG CloudCare Online Backup is a service that can be added to your CloudCare systems. Its fully scale-able and allows you two quickly include or exclude devices such as phones, tablets, laptops, computers and servers to and from the backups. Setup automated scheduled backups that happen seamlessly in the background. Select which folders or directories are included or excluded from the backups either by policy or individually. Notifications and alerts let us know if your backups have been successful or not, allowing us to provide a quick response. Files can be recovered quickly and efficiently from the AVG CloudCare Online Backup portal. Individual files or entire directories can be restored in the background. We offer a 30 day free trial for the AVG Online Backups service, after that simply choose your subscription length. Only pay for the devices your are backing up, upscale or downscale at any time without contracts.

Stay protected

  • Protect whats important… Choose whats important and whats not in your backups
  • AVG Backups works quitly in the background without disturbances
  • Data is securured using a three tier encryption system
  • Our data centres are ISO9001 and ISO27001 certified
  • Choose from incremental, differential and full backups
  • Your computers can only be accessed for your CloudCare portal
  • Peace of mind knowing that we are only a phone call and a click away
  • Lock down clients so users cant remove or disable AVG CloudCare

Improve efficiency

  • Restore your backups from anywhere, anytime
  • Choose which file types to include or exclude from backups
  • Backed up files are scanned for viruses before backup and compression
  • The only thing required for your Cloud backups is an internet connection
  • AVG Online Backups are optimizsed for speed and efficieny
  • Save time by using the remote deployment package which installs on all your devices in the background
  • All backed up files are scanned for viruses and compressed before uploading
  • Should the worst happen, files can be retireved quickly
  • Roll out customized policies to employees in real time to save labor intensive work

Stay in control

  • Backups schedules are completely flexible, from hourly to monthly scheduling
  • Flexible policies give your complete control over what is backed up
  • Full mirror image backups can to be used to backup entire servers
  • Protect your servers with ShadowProtect full mirror image backups
  • Choose your backups location, store your files on local storage or the cloud
  • Subscription lliciencing, storage is charged per 25GB
  • Periodic reporting, recive daily, weekly or monthly schedule reports
  • Data reports provide stored data usage, individual device usage and more
  • Restore files quickly and easyly from any web browser using the portal

Money Saving

  • Only pay for the quantity of data stored, limitless devices
  • All available add-in services are available in monthly subscription
  • No upfront migration costs, switching is quick and easy
  • No new hardware or third-party software is required
  • No license limits, add or remove as many devices as you need
  • There is no minimum number of services or licensees you need to purchase
  • One-click activation, once the AVG CloudCare software is installed
  • Try the full versions of our AVG Online Backup services free for 30 days
  • Free 30-day trial on all AVG CloudCare services
  • Save money with real time activation and deactivation of devices and services