11th September 2015

“AVG Content Filtering helps to protect users from dangerous and malicious websites. It can be used to block access to many inappropriate websites. Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter can be restricted so users can only access them at certain times of the day. Boost your productivity by centrally managing web access based on client defined usage policies”

AVG Why Complicate

What is AVG CloudCare Content Filtering?

AVG Content Filtering has been designed to protect and limit end users while surfing the internet. Manage which websites users can and cannot visit, sites can be completely blocked or only allowed during certain times of the day. Your business could be losing productivity when employees shop and play on social media sites in company time. AVG Content Filtering can help you to increase productivity with advanced, real time content filtering and the ability to block access to the websites that drain time and money from your business. Licensing options are very simple, only pay for the device that have AVG Content Filtering enabled! Try it free for 30 days, when you are ready choose between monthly, yearly or 24 months. Upscale and downscale licenses as and when you need to. Policies can be changed in minutes and can be rolled out to all connected devices in seconds, it’s never been so easy to manage internet security.

Stay protected

  • AVG Content Filtering blocks dangerous code and malicious scripts
  • Completely block websites that are known to be dangerous
  • Mobile phone and tablet protection, Content Filtering works on all devices
  • Automatic updates and upgrades happen in the background
  • Set flexible policies for the home, office, or on the road
  • Content Filtering scans websites and social media sites in real time
  • Create local passwords to unlock blocked sites
  • Automatically blocks more than 60 million categories sites

Stay in control

  • Setup flexible Block/Warn/Allow privileges for employee access
  • Content Filtering scans non-categorized pages to help ensure that new threats don’t slip through
  • Set secondary local passwords so administrators can access restricted sites
  • Content Filtering gives you real time information about employees Internet usage
  • Instant emails can be sent to your administrator if there’s an issue
  • Quickly view PC names, logged-in users, IP addresses, URLs, actions taken
  • See how many times users have accessed or tried to access sites
  • Block inappropriate or distracting websites to boost employee productivity
  • Full remote management of AVG Content Filtering makes management quick and simple
  • Auto-generated reports, including executive summary, security, operational

Improve efficiency

  • Manage distracting websites with a single click to keep your employees focused
  • AVG Content Filtering doesn’t require hardware or a proxy server
  • Content Filtering is fully optimized and doesn’t slow internet access
  • Save money by not allowing employees to spend time on social media sites
  • Help keep your company free of viruses, malware, and spam
  • Allow employees to access certain website during certain times of the day
  • Automatic updates ensure that your employees protection is always up-to-date
  • AVG Content Filtering cannot be removed or disabled without administrator password

Money Saving

  • Pay-As-You-Go (Only pay for the amount of devices that you are using)
  • All available add-in services are available in monthly subscription
  • No upfront migration costs, switching is quick and easy
  • No new hardware or third-party software is required
  • No license limits, add or remove as many devices as you need
  • There is no minimum number of services or licensees you need to purchase
  • One-click activation, once the AVG CloudCare software is installed
  • Try the full versions of our AVG Anti Virus and AVG Content Filtering services free for 30 days
  • Free 30-day trial on all AVG CloudCare services
  • Save money with real time activation and deactivation of devices and services