11th September 2015

“Our centrally managed platform alerts us when issues arise and enables us resolve the problem before it escalates. Policies and updates are automatically synchronized between all your devices without any heavy hands on management. AVG CloudCare has been a real game changer in the IT Support industry, making labour intensive management quick and simple”

AVG Why Complicate

What is AVG CloudCare Anti-Virus?

AVG CloudCare AntiVirus gives complete protection for your entire business, this cover’s everything from mobile phones, tablets, laptops, PC’s and servers. AVG CloudCare Antivirus provides all of the standard protection you would expect from a traditional Antivirus Solution but has the added benefits of manageability from a centrally managed portal with subscription based payments so you only pay for what you need, and your license will never expire as long as your subscribed. Updates are installed automatically in the background you can be assured that your Antirivus will always be up to date with the latest virus definitions. We provide managed and unmanaged AVG CloudCare solutions. The managed solutions means that your AVG CloudCare AntiVirus system will be managed by us, or unmanaged which allows you to manage the system yourself through the AVG Portal. As an AVG Gold Partner we provide everything you need to manage your CloudCare Antivirus system.

Money Saving

  • Pay-As-You-Go (Only pay for the amount of devices that you are using)
  • All available add-in services are available in monthly subscription
  • No upfront migration costs, switching is quick and easy
  • No new hardware or third-party software is required
  • No license limits, add or remove as many devices as you need
  • There is no minimum number of services or licensees you need to purchase
  • One-click activation, once the AVG CloudCare software is installed
  • Try the full versions of our AVG Anti Virus and AVG Content Filtering services free for 30 days
  • Free 30-day trial on all AVG CloudCare services
  • Save money with real time activation and deactivation of devices and services

Stay protected

  • AVG Antivirus blocks viruses, spyware and malware
  • Spam protection keeps your inbox clean from spam and scams
  • Mobile phone and tablet protection, CloudCare works on all devices
  • Automatic updates and upgrades happen in the background
  • Automatic updates, renewals, and virus scanning ensure total piece of mind
  • Link protection scans websites and social media sites in real time
  • Downloads, USB pens and hard drives are scanned automatically
  • Lock down clients so users cant remove or disable AVG CloudCare

Stay in control

  • Web based portal access allows us to manage your security and devices remotely
  • AVG Cloud services can be accessed from anywhere using web browser
  • Custom alerts can be setup for devices, such as full hard drives, detected treats and missed scans
  • Stay right on top of things with automatic email alerts, we will be notified of any alerts
  • Full and configurable error reporting is included
  • Quickly review the activity and status of all your devices via auto-generated reports
  • Reports can be tailored to show virus and malware detection, devices requiring RAM or storage updates, blocked URLs, etc
  • Remote management of devices, policies, schedules and backups
  • Reduce IT Support costs by making management quicker and easier
  • Remote management with a single click, without distracting employees

Improve efficiency

  • Fast, flexible, and accurate content filtering
  • Block inappropriate or distracting websites to boost employee productivity
  • Allow your employees access to sites like Facebook only during specific times
  • The one click installer removes any third-party antivirus applications
  • Save time by using the remote deployment package which installs on all your devices in the background
  • Customized installations to include or exclude any of the AVG CloudCare products
  • Choose only the components you want: Email Scanner, Online Shield, AVG Surf-Shield, or Firewall
  • Roll out customized policies to employees in real time to save labor intensive work